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Hospitality of tomorrow (Barcelona)

The last two days we, Maarten Wessels of Wessels Training and I, brought three trainings to the hospitality leaders of tomorrow (student of the Esada), leaders of today (professionals in hospitality) and the coaches in hospitality (leaders and trainers in hospitality).

Promotion is Proces and Emotion

The word promotion is built bij proces and emotion. In hospitality we speak about the proces instead of emotion. Guest think in pictures and emotion. So professionals should shift towards emotion instead of processing.

Hospitality is about Control and Trust

Giving the control to the hospitality professional is what a guests likes. Loosing the the trust is what happens not exceeding the expectations.

Next to these subject we spoke about two major trends:

  • War on talent (coaching, hiring and empowerment)
  • War on food (good food, shortage and waste)

During these training we used the following material movies to show what is hospitality all about.





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